Thermoplastic Line Marking in Woking

Entire Surface Solutions Ltd is the friendly line painting company with a first-class reputation in the Woking area. We specialise in road, warehouse and playground markings. Clients in our portfolio include highway agencies, local authorities and businesses. They choose our thermoplastic line marking services for a variety of different reasons – often at a time when they’ve overlooked surface signage in favour of other priorities and need us to apply car park, playground or road markings as part of a responsive and reactive solution.


We advise all clients in Woking and Surrey to never underestimate the importance of our thermoplastic line marking services. What might seem like a small detail now could become more serious if a lack of road markings or playground markings resulted in an accident involving a motorist, a pedestrian or, worse still, a small child.


Line painting defines a selected area and brings a level of safety and order to highways, recreational areas, workshops, parking areas and locations that need positive signage management. This page looks at the benefits of line markings and some of the reasons for you to choose Entire Surface Solutions Ltd as a preferred local and regional contractor.


Legislative Compliancy


If you have responsibility for maintaining a highway, a car park or commercial premises in Woking, it’s a certainty there will some sort of legislation that refers to line painting. A highway might need road markings to highlight a set speed limit. A car park has to have line markings for disabled drivers. A warehouse needs directional routes for personnel on foot, for plant and for stock management. A local park will need playground markings to keep children safe.


All of these considerations have rules and regulations surrounding them.


Thermoplastic line marking keeps you and your business compliant with health, safety and welfare directives. Our line painting services comply with BS EN standards and come to your Woking site or premises from a trained team with current trade and industry accreditation.


Replacement of Worn Markings


Worn road, car park and playground markings put people at risk. Those familiar with the Woking area will know selected routes and speed limits but those passing through for the first time won’t. Hesitation in choosing a route frustrates other drivers and increases the potential for accidents. Thermoplastic line marking lasts for up to 6 years and is a great choice for road markings because it sustains high volumes of traffic with minimal amounts of wear.


In workspace with the constant movement of people and plant, worn line markings put your employees in danger. Line painting restores ground signage, reduces the potential for harm, keeps your business compliant with legislation and makes operations more productive.


And, in the case of playground markings, line painting maintains a fun environment for young children in Woking and improves their spatial awareness for games and activities.


Creating a Lasting Impression


If you own a business in the Woking area, thermoplastic line painting helps to preserve its appearance to customers and visitors. Clear road markings also show them the easiest route into a commercial property and the best places to park. This is particularly important for any business that shares a building with other companies. Good relationships keep everybody happy. Daily squabbles over something as trivial as parking spaces is frustrating for all.


You never get a second chance to make a good first impression with customers and the business world. Clear line painting shows a certain level of care, duty and professionalism.


Line marking for a business is clearly important but can we say the same for playground markings? We think we should. Parks and recreational areas in Woking attract parents as well as children and, if a play space is more desirable because it has games and activities for younger people, it brings along the grown-ups too. Adults bring money into an area and will often spend at other local facilities. This makes playground markings a potential investment.


Entire Surface Solutions Ltd has Woking covered with line painting and thermoplastic line marking services for a multitude of applications. Road markings are the tip of the iceberg and we bring our skills and knowledge to all interior and exterior projects. We think the best advertisement for our business is the testimonials of our previous customers, and we want you to join a growing portfolio of clients and businesses who trust our services implicitly.

For road markings, playground markings and line painting services in Woking, call 01883 620 042 or 07775 658 273.