Line Marking in Twickenham | Accident Risks

UK road systems sustain the traffic of 30,000,000 vehicles every day. Busy urban areas like Twickenham require accurate line painting to keep motorists and pedestrians safe. Entire Surface Solutions Ltd is a company of thermoplastic line marking specialists. We lay reflective road markings with anti-skid properties to prevent accidents, reduce falls and alleviate traffic congestion. Our family-run business covers locations across the UK.


Line marking for road surfaces is the core of our business but we promote safer environments for all. That’s why Entire Surface Solutions Ltd also applies playground markings. Twickenham has a sizeable number of recreational areas and we believe that parents and children have a right to expect protection from the facilities they use.


This page looks at the safety impact of road markings and playground markings from the perspective of the industry, and explains how line painting reduces accident potential.


The Importance of Lines


White line markings in the middle of the road, and red road markings in the bus lanes that run through Twickenham, might seem little more than a cursory addition to some. The vast amount of eye-level signage in the area should, in the eyes of many, be sufficient to alert most drivers to hazards. The truth is that line painting significantly reduces accidents. Some UK areas have a 50% drop in accident rates through the use of thermoplastic line marking.


Ground signage and road markings also lower the number of cars breaking the speed limit.


Playground markings reduce the volume of accidents in recreational areas because they provide children with a sense of spatial awareness and add more structure to the games they play. The option to use vibrant colours helps different playground markings to stand out from each other, and encourages children to use them in a controlled manner.


Night and Wet Weather


Thermoplastic line marking also makes it safer to use the roads of Twickenham at night. The glass beads in our road markings have reflective qualities that increase visibility from headlights. Line markings also have a depth that creates an audible edge and this reduces accidents at night by around 43%. Motorists are more at risk to falling asleep at the wheel after dark but audible edges create a noticeable sound when the tyres of a car touch them.


Wet weather conditions also contribute to accidents. Road markings remain visible during heavy rainfall because of the reflective beads used during manufacture. We use the same thermoplastic line painting materials for playground markings in Twickenham and, while visibility is obviously less of an influencing factor, they provide the same anti-slip and anti-skid performance in a playground as they do with the line markings used on public highways and carriageways.


Keep in mind that thermoplastic line marking limits confusion and keeps motorists in safe and correct lanes when driving. This reduces the potential for congestion and traffic jams.


Slipping and Falling


Pedestrians benefit from road markings too. Wet weather conditions make traditional line painting materials slippery and the risk this presents if somebody slips or falls on a crossing during peak traffic periods is one of major concern. Our line markings have an anti-slip finish to eliminate such risks. Entire Surface Solutions Ltd helps local authorities and highway agencies to keep pedestrianised parts of Twickenham safe with thermoplastic line marking.


Playground markings also reduce slips and falls. Children rarely compensate for damp or wet weather, and are at risk of falling more frequently after storms or periods of rain.


Line painting is a service that has benefits for road users and pedestrians alike:


  • Road markings give a clear warning to drivers about upcoming hazards
  • Line markings tell motorists when to slow, stop and turn
  • Defined lanes keep traffic in the right place and the right direction
  • Thermoplastic line marking keeps different types of traffic apart
  • Line painting guides drivers towards the roads they need during journeys
  • Markings predict the presence of pedestrians to keep them safe
  • Playground markings protect children and offer reassurance for parents


Entire Surface Solutions Ltd is available now for line painting services in Twickenham and the surrounding South West London area. Road and playground markings are the backbone of our business but we also perform interior line marking for factories, warehouses and commercial workspace. Thermoplastic line marking is our preferred application method.

For road markings, playground markings and line painting services in Twickenham, call 01883 620 042 or 07775 658 273.