Road, Warehouse and Playground Line Marking in Sutton

Entire Surface Solutions Ltd offers a full range of thermoplastic line marking and line painting services to improve safety at locations across the Sutton area. From carriageway and road markings to warehouse and playground markings, the materials we lay comply with current health and safety legislation and to BS EN standards. They also play a pivotal role in safeguarding those who use your facilities – including staff and the general public.


We have a proven track record built on the delivery of practical results; one which stretches back to when we first started out in 2007. Our clients in Sutton receive a service that is genuinely second-to-none. Entire Surface Solutions Ltd holds CSCS accreditation while our personnel receive training to City & Guilds and NVQ standards.


For customers who might wish to increase safety at a specific location, we outline some of the ways in which our line painting and thermoplastic line marking services can help.


Road Markings


Whether we use them for white lining, bus lanes, zebra crossings, chevrons, yellow lining, speed limits or junction markings, thermoplastic road markings are vital to the preservation of safety on roads in the Sutton area. They show us where we can and cannot drive, dictate speeds and have a constitution that aids visibility and grip. Thermoplastic line marking materials contain glass beads which enhance daytime luminescence and reflectivity in dark driving conditions.


Technological advances in thermoplastic line marking materials allow for road markings with greater skid-resistance. When laid around schools or near traffic lights in Sutton, our line marking and line painting applications significantly reduce the risk of road traffic accidents.


Playground Markings


Playgrounds should be a place of fun and there must be no compromise – ever – with the safety of children who use them. The playground markings we lay in the Sutton area capture the imagination of children but they also offer a level of durability that’s perfect for sustained use. Applied as grids, mazes, hopscotch patterns or bespoke graphics in a range of colours, our line painting designs deliver the potential for fun inside a safe location but still minimise conflict with other playground markings.


We have slip-resistant options available for high-risk applications. This means our playground markings offer as much peace of mind to parents and they do in offering fun to children.


Warehouse Markings


Warehouses and factories carry inherent risks but line painting and thermoplastic line marking applications significantly reduce these dangers. By creating clear designated areas for pedestrians, plant and machinery, and by establishing keep-clear zones, fire exit routes and areas with anti-skid surfacing, Entire Surface Solutions Ltd increases overall safety at premises in Sutton and creates an efficient working environment where personnel feel protected enough to be more productive.


Line painting and thermoplastic line marking applications come in a variety of vibrant shades and our team works to your preferred specification. The use of fast-setting materials also keeps downtimes to a minimum. Warehouse markings even protect those who visit your premises in Sutton, and who might not be familiar with the layout.

For road marking, playground markings and line painting services in Sutton, call 01883 620 042 or 07775 658 273.