Thermoplastic Line Marking in Leatherhead | Health and Safety Considerations

Headed by a director with over 22 years’ experience, our family-run business delivers expert thermoplastic line marking to domestic and commercial clients in Leatherhead. With an extensive portfolio, including road markings and playground markings, we are the right choice for your line painting needs.


Road Markings


Specialising in thermoplastic line marking, we ensure all our leatherhead customers receive a strong, durable and eco-friendly result, no matter where we provide line painting. Lasting for 3 to 6 years, thermoplastic resin proves resilient under heavy wear, making it the best choice for road markings.


Health and safety are priorities when providing external line markings because they direct road users and pedestrians. One superior characteristic of thermoplastic line marking is its greater reflectivity. This is due to the glass beads which make up the resin and improves driver safety at times of poor visibility. Its durability ensures road markings in Leatherhead remain clear for years after application, especially vital in areas where vulnerable pedestrians are present.


Car Parks


It is just as important to make sure line markings are clear in and around car parks. Many accidents in car parks are the result of drivers performing emergency stops to avoid pedestrians. To reduce the number of incidents on your site, our team’s line painting skills deliver distinct pedestrian crossings and walkways across Leatherhead. To limit further accidents, we make certain these are accessible for people with disabilities or young children.


Playground Markings


It is often necessary to complete jobs quickly, so work on road markings doesn’t interfere with traffic, or if we are working in a heavy footfall area. The nature of thermoplastic line marking allows for fast application, with minimal disturbance. As well as proving beneficial to working environments, we find this to be of great use for playground markings. We assure our Leatherhead customers that their routines will suffer little, if any, disruption.


When line painting on playgrounds, spacing is important to make sure children remain safe. We assess the area and avoid painting close to potential hazards, leaving adequate room for children to play.


Our company offers a range of bright colours to make playground markings cheerful, creative and educational. The paint we use is non-toxic and is subject to COSHH assessment. Because of this, our line painting services are perfect for clients looking to update playground markings, or those in other child-oriented locations.


We also apply road markings outside schools to warn road users of the presence of children.




Line marking protects Leatherhead employees working in factories and warehouses. Traffic management, signage and safety markings provide designated areas for pedestrians and drivers, significantly limiting accidents. Hard-wearing and highly visible lines are a necessity of these environments, which is why thermoplastic line markings are the suitable choice.


Entire Surface Solutions Ltd also completes speedy touch-ups of existing line markings, whether it’s the paintwork or reflective beads that require attention.

For quality road, workplace and playground markings in Leatherhead, call 01883 620042.