Line Marking in Hounslow for all surfaces

Working closely with our customers, we assess each line painting job on an individual basis, making sure we use the most suitable materials in every location. For road markings and playground markings in Hounslow, we recommend thermoplastic line marking for the most effective finish.


Entire Surface Solutions Ltd provides both decorative and functional line painting to a multitude of domestic and commercial clients in the Hounslow area. The use of thermoplastic line marking allows us to work quickly no matter the job. Specialists of this product, our team removes and touches up markings on older surfaces as skilfully as they paint new ones. We do not limit our services to tarmac or asphalt and regularly conduct work on concrete, wood and sports tracks.


Common services we deliver in Hounslow include:


  • Directive road markings
  • Pedestrian safety crossings and walkways
  • Line painting for car parks
  • Playground markings
  • Lines for sports fields


While many jobs call for standard templates, if you desire bespoke thermoplastic line marking, Entire Surface Solutions Ltd is happy to accommodate your requests. We deliver new and inventive playground markings for your Hounslow school, or branding for your sportsground. No matter your needs, our expert team are here to help.


All our line marking services meet regulations for both material and location. Road markings are subject to government guidelines and we always adhere to these when applying thermoplastic line markings in Hounslow. Whilst the safety of products we use is paramount in all environments, it is especially important when undertaking work on playground markings. For this reason, our line painting materials undergo safety testing to BS EN industry standards and are safe for use on all surfaces.


Whatever the material on which you require line marking, the area will need to be clean from dust, debris, water and grease. Our team thoroughly clears the space before applying a recommended tack coat and thermoplastic line markings. This may involve removing any current road markings with specialist hydro-blasting equipment.


While we can conduct removals in wet conditions, application of line painting only works in dry weather, to ensure the materials bond together.


To make the process as stress-free as possible, we work whenever is easiest for our Hounslow clients, as long as the weather is agreeable. This regularly includes laying road markings and playground markings in the evenings or during the night. We always work as close to schedule as possible by monitoring conditions and planning accordingly.

Call 01883 620042 or 07775 658273, for all your thermoplastic line marking needs in Hounslow.