Line Marking in Harrow for Commercial and Recreational Projects

Our line marking specialists have experience in a wide range of commercial and recreational projects, from car park and road markings to the application of playground markings in schools and public areas. Entire Surface Solutions Ltd even creates interior floor signage for business properties in Harrow. If you need assistance with the creation of a design for a playground or commercial workspace, we’re here to help with a flexible thermoplastic line marking service that manages foot and vehicle traffic flow.


Our team also helps you to maintain a safe environment for personnel working in Harrow warehouses – always with current trade and industry legislation in mind. Find out more about our interior and exterior line painting services here or call to arrange a quotation.


Playground Markings


  • Clients in Harrow reap the benefits of playground markings with safer play spaces where young children learn and interact with their surroundings from a very young age. We can include word and counting games into a line painting design to introduce children to letters and numbers for the first time.
  • Thermoplastic line markings are the ideal choice for a durable, colourful recreational area. They also work well as a line painting option for tennis courts and sports surfaces. Sports and activities help children to engage with each other, and to develop social skills like teamwork, through communication.
  • Playground markings can stimulate imaginations and generate a sense of spatial awareness. Hopscotch, and games that involve hitting a target, improve motor skills. This is a common reason for schools and local authorities in Harrow to use our line painting services.
  • Because thermoplastic line marking has fast application and drying times with a non-toxic finish that’s resilient to vehicle and foot traffic, it is ideal for playground markings. It requires very little maintenance, lasts for up to 6 years and, if the client wants to change the design, it uplifts easily with hydro-blasting equipment.




Harrow clients benefit from warehouse line markings which provide regulatory layouts with simple, easy-to-follow signage. Like road markings, warehouse line painting helps your workforce through safe visual elements and enables them to identify emergency exits, directions to storage areas, forklift routes and pedestrian routes to just name a few.


Line painting plays an essential role in proactive health and safety, and prevents accidents that sometimes result from confusion – especially amongst new members of staff. We design storage locations for pallets, trolleys and forklifts to the specifications of our Harrow clients. Services include interior parking bays for plant, road markings in employee car parks and loading areas for deliveries or collections.


Line markings help to organise Harrow warehouses in a way that reduces accident risks, such as plant or vehicles colliding with property or pedestrians. Line painting keeps employees in a safe assigned area. This keeps access routes clear for traffic in much the same way as road markings in a bus or cycle lane. Supervisors can reinforce routes for foot traffic during orientation and training sessions.


Like the road markings on a highway, warehouses use signage and painted directions to communicate the safest access routes around businesses in the Harrow area. Line painting adds permanent warnings and alerts using symbols, text and numbers. These are easy to read and understand. Large font sizes and colour-coded line markings direct your personnel to emergency exits safely in the event of an evacuation.

To find out more about warehouse and playground markings in Harrow, call 01883 620 042 or 07775 658 273.