Thermoplastic Line Marking in Guildford

When it comes to line painting in Guildford, Entire Surface Solutions Ltd has its customers and clients covered with a complete service range. From road markings to playground markings, our experienced, accredited professionals deliver practical results and finished surfaces with total durability. As our reputation grows, so does our client base and we’re continually looking to improve our services.


We specialise in thermoplastic line marking and this gives our Guildford clients just one more reason to choose us as a service provider. Below, we discuss the most common reasons for prospective customers to use Entire Surface Solutions Ltd, and to make us their number one choice for road markings, playgrounds markings and surface signage work.

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Experience and Accreditation


Entire Surface Solutions Ltd, established in 2007, is an independent family-run company. We have a director with more than 22 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the line painting and road markings sector. Our personnel, trained to current City & Guilds and NVQ standards, hold CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) cards. This means we can attend most sites and workplaces in Guildford in full compliance with the relevant rules and regulations.

And, irrespective of whether they need us for playground markings, warehouse signage or road markings, our clients know that we never compromise on quality or on service delivery.


Thermoplastic Line Marking


For the ultimate in durability and performance, thermoplastic line marking produces results which won’t require touch-ups or maintenance for between 3 and 6 years. Perfect for road markings, parking demarcations and warehouse signage, thermoplastic line marking is a pre-formed system that’s ready for application at any time of the year. We need nothing more than a break in the weather to set lines which cure and dry in as little as five minutes.


During application at sites in Guildford, we apply thermoplastic line marking resins with glass beads to the ground before heating them. This process fuses resins to the surface.


Compliant with British Standards


The processes and materials used by Entire Surface Solutions Ltd produce results which fully comply with current BS EN standards. From road markings to playground markings, our products adhere to BS EN 197-1:2000 for use on cement surfaces and to BS EN 1824 Road Trial Certificates. Additionally, our materials meet Class P5 roll-over durability standards. This makes our services suitable for highways, for carriageways and even for private roads.


Line painting and thermoplastic line marking are both safe for the public and for your own workforce. This makes our processes suitable for interior and exterior projects in the Guildford area.


Suitable for all Surfaces


We have a proven track record in the delivery of results. We welcome line marking and line painting projects for a variety of different surfaces. This includes work on car parks, disabled bays, road markings for carriageways, sports surfaces, tennis courts, factories, warehouses, school playground markings, cycle paths and bus lanes. Our line painting and thermoplastic line marking team has worked on every possible kind of surface in the Guildford area.


Their results never fail to impress. To view examples of our previous line marking and line painting projects in Guildford and Surrey, please visit our website gallery.

For information on line painting, road markings and playground markings in Guildford, call 01883 620 042 or 07775 658 273.

For more information on line painting, road markings, playground markings and thermoplastic line marking in Guildford, call 01883 620 042 or 07775 658 273.