Playground and Road Markings in Epsom | Application

Entire Surface Solutions Ltd is a trusted name in the fields of line painting and thermoplastic line marking. Located in Warlingham, we cover all locations in Surrey including the Epsom area. Since first starting out back in 2007, we’ve earned a deserved reputation through the quality application of road markings, warehouse demarcations and playground markings. Our personnel receive training to NVQ and City & Guilds standards, and our line marking application methods comply with current health, safety and BS EN legislation.


Our two primary services, line painting and thermoplastic line marking, consist of different application processes. While the end results both offer outstanding durability, we always encourage our clients in Epsom to consider their budgets and their project timescales in order to choose the most appropriate line painting or line marking service.


Below, we outline the basic processes behind line painting and thermoplastic line marking.


Line Painting


In cases where thermoplastic line marking isn’t a viable option, the most common types of line painting involve high-performance resin applications. Methlyn methacrylate, often known as cold plastic or MMA, is one of the more popular materials. Others include epoxy paint, water-based paint, chlorinated rubber paint and acrylic-based paint.


Regardless of the chosen material, line painting follows the design agreed upon with our Epsom clients. Whether it’s for road markings, playground markings or any other surface, the chosen area must undergo preparation beforehand to remove oil, dirt, dust, litter and physical obstructions. Line painting cannot take place during wet weather but force-drying options, including the use of a thermal lance or a gas torch, provide a few possibilities.


Unlike thermoplastic line marking, line painting requires planning for drying time before use and we have to take this into account when agreeing to timescales on projects in the Epsom area.


Thermoplastic Line Marking


The thermoplastic materials used by Entire Surface Solutions Ltd consist of pre-mixed glass beads and synthetic resins. Due to its chemical structure, the application of thermoplastic line marking is fast and straightforward. As with line painting applications, we add thermoplastic line marking materials to a clean, dry and unobstructed surface. Once laid, we then apply heat to fuse the thermoplastic resin and the surface together.


Before this stage, we can add pigment to the thermoplastic line marking resin and give road markings, playground markings and warehouse signage a specific colour.


Thermoplastic line markings dry and set quickly, usually within five minutes. What’s more, our Epsom clients can use these line markings as soon as they set. Quick turnaround times make thermoplastic line marking a popular choice for road markings and playground markings, and for applications where the finished project needs faster reinstatement.


For more information on line painting or thermoplastic line marking for any project in Epsom area, or to book an initial consultation, please contact us on our usual numbers.

For information on line painting, road markings and playground markings in Epsom, call 01883 620 042 or 07775 658 273.

For more information on line painting, road markings, playground markings and thermoplastic line marking in Epsom, call 01883 620 042 or 07775 658 273.