Road and Playground Markings in Croydon | Your Questions Answered

Do you need line marking services for premises in Croydon? Whether you come to us as a domestic or a commercial client, you can still rely on the expertise of our professional team for guidance. Entire Surface Solutions Ltd is here to advise you on how to organise road markings and playground markings for outdoor projects, line painting in car parks and even thermoplastic line marking for interior applications like warehouses. We’re the definitive one-stop shop for all of your line marking needs.


To help you gauge a better understanding of the line painting services we provide in the Croydon area, we’ve answered some of the most common questions received by our company – including those about the many benefits of thermoplastic line marking.


What do manufacturers use to make line painting materials?


We specialise in thermoplastic line markings made from non-toxic paint products mixed with synthetic resin and glass beads. This is a performance system used for road markings, playground markings, car park line painting and similar exterior surfaces in Croydon. We even create line markings for cycle and bus lanes. The beads have reflective qualities that help people see the lines more clearly and the paint itself has an anti-slip texture.


Thermoplastic line markings compare well against other materials, such as methyl methacrylate, epoxy, acrylic and water-based paints, for wear and durability.


Can you remove line markings?


Line painting materials used for road markings and parking demarcations in Croydon are durable and designed to withstand wear from vehicle and foot traffic. Thermoplastic line marking extends the lifespan of the application and lasts for up to 6 years without further coats or upgrades. Even so, we can still remove line markings just as easily as we apply them. If you want to change a design, a layout or even your mind, we’re here to assist you.


Hydro-blasting equipment clears the surface of unwanted road markings, playground markings and other surface paint applications. Our processes limit damage to properties and premises in Croydon, and minimise disruption at sites used by the general public.


Do you need to prime a surface before line marking?


Surface preparation is quick and simple. Our line painting specialists clean the area of oil, dust, grease, water and debris. We recommend covering asphalt or concrete surfaces with a tack coat before applying thermoplastic line markings. This promotes adhesion and, in turn, reduces wear once the surface is back in use. A tack coat is similar to the light application of paint used in a repair shop when a technician sprays a car.


For interior jobs in Croydon, we make an assessment on the surface before proceeding. Most factories and warehouses have concrete floors that require a tack coat too.


Can you still perform line painting work when it’s raining?


The surface we paint needs to stay dry so that thermoplastic line marking materials bond properly with the asphalt or concrete below. We can still remove previous line painting applications, such as road, car park and playground markings in Croydon, even when it’s raining or damp. Application requires the opposite conditions so we have to look for a dry break in the weather to get the job done. This is why we rely so heavily on fast-drying materials.


We’re just one of many trades and industries occasionally thwarted by the UK weather but careful planning and the monitoring of conditions helps us to complete work to schedule.


How long does it take for line markings to dry?


Clients often feel amazed by the rapid drying times of thermoplastic line markings. Road markings and car park demarcations in Croydon usually set after 5 minutes. Water-based paints used for some road markings, cycle paths, sports fields and warehouse interiors take longer, which is why we prefer to use thermoplastic line painting systems as often as possible. Use a painted surface just a few minutes after application with confidence.


Faster drying times also make our brand of line painting suitable for productive interior workspaces, such as warehouses, because it takes so little time to reinstate the surface. Visit our testimonials page so see what previous clients have to say about our services.

For advice from line painting and thermoplastic line marking specialists in the Croydon area, call 01883 620 042 or 07775 658 273.