The Benefits of Thermoplastic Line Marking in Bromley

Domestic and commercial customers in Bromley recognise the value of thermoplastic line marking systems for road markings, painted lines in warehouses, playground markings and car park demarcation projects. Our clients can rely on the line painting specialists at Entire Surface Solutions Ltd to create surfaces that guide, inform and keep people safe. Line markings play an important role in organising those who use your property or your premises, and have to be durable enough to cope with significant traffic volumes.


For advice and free quotations on a full service range, please contact us on 01883 620 042 or 07775 658 273. We insist on the use of premium line painting products.


Health and Safety


Bromley clients benefit from the enhanced levels of health and safety associated with thermoplastic line markings. This line painting method is an ideal choice for exterior work, such as public car parks at offices and supermarkets, cycle paths, road markings for highways and school playground markings. The glass beads incorporated in thermoplastic resin improves how reflective surfaces are at night and, during bad weather when poor visibility affects the roads, they make driving safer for everybody.


Thermoplastic line marking mixtures reduce road traffic accidents when applied as thick-set road markings. Drivers need to exercise caution when approaching school crossings, junctions with sharp turns or reduced speed zones in Bromley. Thermoplastic line markings alert motorists to slow down and this significantly lowers the risk of collisions.


Speed of Service


Our team can apply thermoplastic line paintings and road markings to most surfaces quickly. The resin, which includes paint, pigments and glass aggregates, cools and sets at a fast rate. Because the process is so simple and built around speed, our Bromley clients experience less disturbance when we apply road markings, car park markings and playground markings.


We can apply touch-ups to the paintwork or the reflective beads inside a short timeframe because the thermoplastic resin dries so quickly.


Strength and Durability


Because thermoplastic road markings and playground markings can last for up to 6 years in mild to warm climates, domestic and commercial clients in Bromley can depend on them for durable and lasting performance. The bond strength of line marking to the surface means there is little need for maintenance or for replacement line painting services. A single application is good enough to keep surfaces marked and visible for several years and more.


In addition to augmenting the colour on line markings as they begin to fade. Entire Surface Solutions Ltd can add more glass beads to improve anti-skid properties.




The line painting products we use come in a selection of colours to configure with the road markings you need. We only use non-toxic materials and this makes thermoplastic line marking a suitable choice for a sports field or a playground. Markings pose no threat to children or pets, or to those who apply them. Entire Surface Solutions is committed to the delivery of safe sustainable systems in Bromley that protect in many different ways.


We’re always looking at new and innovative ways to become more eco-friendly with our work, and our material choice is one of the biggest contributors to our long-term vision.


Multiple Applications


Pedestrians, motorists, cyclists and members of the public benefit from well-defined directions and the safe application methods used for thermoplastic line markings. This line painting procedure is perfect for creating safe travel routes in Bromley for cars, vans, trucks, buses, bicycles and motorcycles, and it also maintains the safety of pedestrians through clearly-marked warning signs. Wherever there’s a surface, we can be there to provide it with markings – anywhere in London, Surrey and locations throughout the UK.


This includes line painting work on crossings and on school playground markings, which both signal Bromley motorists to slow down in the presence of children.

For advice on thermoplastic line marking in Bromley and all surrounding areas, call 01883 620 042 or 07775 658 273.